La capsula Informativa: Central Michigan University Integrative Public Relations Recruitment Video

Throughout our history, Franco has employed several Central Michigan University (CMU) Integrative Public Relations (IPR) program interns and grads. CMU’s IPR program is highly regarded as an excellent program, and it was the first interdisciplinary program in Michigan.  

Despite being a program that consistently produces top PR talent, CMU has experienced a decline in students signing an IPR major. According to CMU IPR professors, many factors have contributed to this decline, including an overall decline in enrollment at CMU, the COVID-19 pandemic and as the PR industry has evolved, fewer high school students and incoming freshmen have a solid understanding of what PR is and what career opportunities are available with an IPR degree.

To increase awareness of what makes the CMU IPR program unique from other PR programs in Michigan and the Midwest and to ultimately increase signed IPR majors, CMU turned to Franco to create a video to promote the program.

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